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An Afternoon with A Girl Named Leney

One of my biggest passions with cinemagraphs + gifs lately has been this new thing I'm calling the "Cinemagraphs for Creatives Sessions".  It's where I collaborate and create a series of gifs + cinemagraphs for creative individuals, to better express who the creative is and what they're all about through their web presence and social media, but in a fresh and RAD new way. Now you can show off your immense talent and quirky personality not just through still images, but also through living imagery. It's a way to set yourself a bit apart from the crowd a well as connect with potential clients on a whole new level.

A Girl Named Leney was gracious enough to be my metaphorical guinea pig, and together we created a set of cinemagraphs that perfectly capture her personality as well as her aesthetic. This girl is a hodgepodge of job titles: knitwear designer, photographer, blogger, sailing aficionado, crafter of beautiful words and a pioneer of slow living. She not only creates stunning tangible work, (which you can find here), but also possesses this magical ability to string together letters in the loveliest way that pair perfectly with her photographs in every Instagram and blog post that she shares with the world. I wanted her adoration of all things previously-loved to really be present, since it's truly a big part of her being. From the multitude of old family photos splashed across the walls, to her mom jeans that actually did once belong to her mom, to the old American flag draped above her bed, every well-worn piece fits together to form exactly who A Girl Named Leney is. I'm excited to share the completed series with you!!

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Meagan Abell