JANUARY 14TH, 2017


We all have our own remarkable moments that we wish we could freeze in time and live in forever, right?
sometimes you find that a photograph, no mater how lovely, simply won't do it justice, and some grainy, ten-second video just cannot make the cut either.

What's left then?

They're a little piece of magic within an infinite loop.
A pure, untouchable memory captured in a frame.
It's almost like a living, breathing photograph.

And I'm here to teach you how to create them.


WHAt's the deal?

We've got a good bit to cover to build a solid foundation for your journey into gifography!

A few things you'll learn:
-The basics about what gifs + cinemagraphs are
-How to shoot them (burst mode vs video)
-Three different techniques for creating the perfect loop
-How to post your gifs to different social medias
-A whole bunch more, including a Q + A and breakout groups



WHERE's it at?

The wonderful Erica Colvin Photography will be hosting us in her beautiful studio at Artisan's Alley in North Wales, PA, about 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia!



Meagan Abell of meagan makes gifs is a gifographer of almost 3 years known best for her understated cinemagraphs with subtle, gentle movements that make you question whether the image is actually alive or not. She currently resides in Richmond, VA with her bowtie-loving pup named Larry, and on the weekends she likes to explore the furthest corners of the city and rearrange her furniture for the millionth time. She'll talk your ear off about gifs so only get her started if you're in it for the long haul. 

BONUS FACT: her favorite food as a child was broccoli